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    Go with the mood

    The interiors of any residence hold great importance in the eyes of people. When anyone visits the house then it’s the living room where everyone chit chat and enjoys the complimentary refreshments therefore people tend to judge the interiors of the whole house by just observing the living room. It becomes important for the individuals to go for the best interior designers who can give them excellent living room decor ideas. There are different designs available for different types of living rooms. People can opt for any of the designs which suit their living room the best. In India, most of the people have small houses and they often welcome guests on different occasions and for that, they need the best interiors for their house. Interior designers have a large variety of interior design ideas for small living room in India at a very reasonable price. These designs intensify the beauty of the living room and make it look more magnificent and glorious.

    Best interior design ideas for living room:

    When it comes to the interior of the living room then there are several ideas that are worth choosing. Nowadays people are busy following the new trends. They are searching for the latest trendy designs and are neglecting the old designs in just one go. Also, everyone has different types of living rooms some have small, some have big therefore living room design ideas are provided to the people by the interior designers according to their living rooms. There are many designs which are not only different but also have won the hearts of the people. People are going crazy for these modern and trendy designs.

    Here is the list of the top 10 living room decor ideas:

    1. Segment space:

    Segment space

    Image Source: Pinterest

    This is a unique and perfect living room design idea especially for the ones who want more space in their living room. This idea works really well as it creates more space to roam around and the furniture placed looks clean and properly arranged. The living room looks more spacious rather than looking like a complete mess in which the furniture is just arranged unevenly. People can arrange a coffee table, beautiful flower vase, rug, and many more things if they go with this idea.

    2. Light furniture:

    Light furniture

    This idea works with almost every kind of living room. It is an excellent idea for people who look for interior design ideas for small living room in India. Putting light and colorful furniture can add more beauty to the living room. A small sofa set, table, photo frames, and flower pots of the same theme will look gorgeous and will impress the visitors. This idea comes under the category of a very basic idea but is loved by everyone.

    3. Wall lamps and candle holders:

    Wall light

    Image Source: Pinterest

    This interior design idea may sound outdated and old school types but it is not. This idea reflects royalty and adds more power to the living room. There are different types of lamps and candle stands available in the market which when arranged in a proper manner give an extraordinary look. People can also go for old and heavy lamps and candle stands if they want an extravagant look.

    4. Quirky chaise:

    Quirky chaise

    Image Source: Pinterest

    Chaise has become popular in a very short period of time. People are going for distinctive and unique chaises to decorate their living room. The usage of chaises has proved to be a great interior design idea for the living room. People love the vibe of it and it also acts as a savior when many unexpected guests arrive at the house.

     5. Adding captivating mobiles:

    captivating mobiles

    Image Source: Pinterest

    After observing the current trend then it can be seen that a lot of people are adding mobiles in their living rooms. This idea is very fascinating and easily manages to catch the attention of a lot of people. It is very engrossing and if a bright color is chosen then it gives a very distinct look. Mobiles come in different sizes which makes it more convenient to adjust. This idea also adds a wow factor in the living room.

    6. Elegant shelves:

    Elegant shelves

    Image Source: Pinterest

    There are many people who love to keep books, showpieces, and other antique items in their living rooms. This kind of interior of the living room is best for these people. A graceful and streamlined shelve will be a smart choice to decorate the living room. When the books and decorative pieces are put on these shelves it will give a nice and appealing look.

    7. Go with the mood:

    Go with the mood

    Image Source: Pinterest

    Sometimes it is not necessary to follow trends and color combinations. People should also do things according to their mood. This gives outstanding results. Different and vibrant colors with luxurious and cozy sofa will be perfect for any party or late-night movies. This interior design idea for the living room goes well with every kind of setting and this is the best part about it.

    8. Skip the coffee table:

    Skip the coffee table

    Image Source: Pinterest

    When it comes to a living room then it is not necessary that a coffee table has to be there. There are many different alternatives available that can easily replace a coffee table. A movable ottoman is a perfect alternative. This not only helps in saving a lot of space but also looks cool when it is placed in a room. It also comes into use when people need to store extra things.

    9. Cover the ceilings:

    Cover the ceilings

    Image Source: Pinterest

     This is the best and effortless idea for designing the living room. Covering the ceilings with graphic wall painting and enamel paint can completely change the look of the living room. People can just opt for this idea and can see the drastic change in their living room. They can wait for the compliments which they will be receiving from friends and family after implementing this idea.

    10. Mirrors and Mirrors:

    Mirrors and Mirrors

    Mirrors and Mirrors

    A Mirror is essential in any room. People love to check themselves out whenever they pass through any mirror. Unique mirrors engage people and can make the room look elegant. The mirror elevates the living room when the light bounces through its smooth surface. They also make the living room appear larger which is another reason why people use mirrors in their living room.


    These were some of the common and trendy interior design ideas which can easily transform the look of the living room. Implementing these ideas can be quite helpful as they are enchanting and impress the people easily. Designs change from time to time but these ideas are forever. If any person does not want to change much then he/she can go for any of the above ideas and can get the beautifully designed living room. These ideas work with everything. Whether a person wants a simple living room or a quirky one, they can just go with these ideas and can easily get what they want at their own convenience. It is because of these reasons that these ideas are promoted and used extensively by everyone. These ideas give an overview to the people of how they can design the living room according to their choice.  If You Want To Design The Best Bedroom Interior Then Get It Designed From The Expert Interior Designers In Mumbai As Hiring Professionals For Interior Designing Services Is Then The Best Option.

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