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    modern wardrobe designs for bedroom

    Modern Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom

    The bedroom is inadequate without an appropriate wardrobe or closet. However, more often than not while designing a bedroom we end up with a not really modern fixture that sticks out in contrast to everything else. The magnificence of a bedroom isn’t just because of its designing and planning; wardrobes give a stylish beauty to the rooms. They give more space for putting away huge and little things, for example, Clothes, Bed Sheets, Curtains, and so forth in an organized way. Ideally should consult professional interior designers in Mumbai who are designing the rest of your home interiors for bedroom cupboard ideas that match the personality of your overall home interiors. Wardrobes are really an idea which you can change in any capacity. They will make your basic cupboards look more unique and rich.  With such huge numbers of materials accessible to choose from these days, it has gotten easier to find modern looking wardrobes for your home. These furnishings won’t just satisfy their basic purpose however will likewise act as a decorative component. Keeping this in mind we have curated a list of 15 modern wardrobe designs for bedroom that are not only chic and stylish but also provide ample space. 

    1. Waxwing Sliding Doors: 

    The two-door waxwing sliding wardrobe is a stylish wardrobe with two sliding doors on the two sides. It has many racks and drawers for putting hangers, garments, and different accessories, for example, wallets and belts. It looks exceptionally chic and stylish from the outside and comparably on the inside it has everything set in a tasteful way. Thus, you have a great deal of room to organize things appropriately. If you want the best sliding wardrobe designs for a small bedroom, pick Waxwing closet.

    2. Mirror Doors: 

    In the event that you have a small room, at that point, a mirrored door wardrobe is a brilliant choice as it fulfills two purposes at the same time. One that it takes care of your storage requirements and the other is of making the bedroom look spacious. This is one of the most preferred wardrobe designs for Indian bedrooms.

    3. Monal Wardrobes: 

    Another wardrobe with a stunning look is the Monal Wardrobe. It isn’t in every case true that a stylish product is available at higher prices only. Monal Wardrobe is a good example of that. This is an ideal example of Bedroom Wardrobe Designs at truly sensible rates. This 6 door closet has handles that are long and square-shaped. All the racks are organized in a series followed by the pull out drawers. There is a hanger space accessible inside. In general, it is a perfect masterpiece of furniture.

    4. Elevated Modern Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom: 

    This is a kind of a wardrobe that you can make on top of the closet frame in your room. It expends less space and gives you more storage for different things, for example, books, bags and other necessary items. They can be set up over the level of the bed and subsequently, it turns out to be easy for you to utilize it anytime.

                                                                                                                        Image source: Pinterest

    5. Vintage: 

    If you are thinking about giving a classy and tasteful look to your bedroom, then the vintage wardrobe is an ideal decision. They are extremely gorgeous in their look and give the perfect elegance to the bedroom. This closet comes with a hanging rail and drawers inside. It is not only beautiful, but it also comes with ideal storage space. You can improve the vibe of your room with this extra-huge closet. Vintage closet comes with numerous drawers and racks for keeping clothes, jewellery, documents, and other accessories.

    6. Vinyl Doors: 

    This is a well known modern wardrobe utilized in residential condos nowadays. The doors of this closet have vinyl and they are fitted on tracks. They additionally have aluminium outlines. Vinyl closets are lightweight and sturdy as well. The doors look extremely beautiful in your cutting edge bedroom.

    7. Wardrobes With Laminated Doors: 

    In the event that you are planning to have a wardrobe with doors that you can paint in your style, at that point the laminated door wardrobes are an ideal decision for you. You can get your wardrobe overlaid with ply or wood for a more finished look. On the doors of these wardrobes, you can paint the texture and design that you like. The laminated closet totally changes the layout of the room. You don’t need to pay a lot for these as they are priced at a reasonable rate in the market.

    8. L-Shaped Modern Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom: 

    This is the most favoured wardrobe in modern and traditional homes because they can be produced using any type of materials. There are different kinds of handles which fit on this closet. It ordinarily comes with closet furniture, for example, safety lockers and drawers. 

    9.Metallic Doors Wardrobes: 

    A metallic touch at the doors of closets gives a stunning look to the room. You can pick any colour for the metal door closet which suits the bedroom’s curtains, furnishings, walls, and bedsheets. They are easy to build them on tracks. It additionally creates adequate ample storage space.If you bedroom has this luxury vibe Metallic door wardrobes are the best cupboard designs for you!

    10. Opti Panel Glass Wardorbes: 

    This is an antique closet for the bedroom. It covers all the content of the closet and gives an iridescent glass effect in the bedroom. Opti- panel glass closets give a modernised look to your bedrooms and they can coordinate with any coloured curtains, furnishings and bedsheets.

    Image source : Pinterest

    11. Sloped Wardrobes: 

    You can pick a sloped wardrobe for your bedroom. This wardrobe is best for constrained spaces and give you more space for storage and hence perfectly with small bedroom designs. The doors of this closet can easily fit on tracks. You can pick a space above or beneath the wardrobe for making an additional cabinet. 

    12. Solid Wood Modern Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom: 

    A wardrobe material that never becomes unfashionable is solid wood. Such wardrobes are more robust and durable than the ones made out of other materials.

    13. Hinge Wardrobe: 

    This is a typical wardrobe design utilized for a long time. In any case, you can transform this basic closet into a modernized one by making a metal sliding door or vinyl sliding door on the external portion. You would then be able to put some racks and cabinets in the rest of the space to give more area for storage. 

    14. Retro Wardrobes: 

    On the off chance that old or mid-time history is the aesthetic you have always wanted in your dream bedroom then retro wardrobe is the ideal thing to be in your vintage-themed room. 

    15. Column Wardrobes: 

    If not having level space in your bedroom is your biggest problem then the column wardrobes are your solution! This modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom can make your problem look like a benefit. It can be easily adjusted even in the smallest rooms and can even be placed in corners.

    These are the absolute best modern wardrobe designs for a bedroom that you can go for to decorate your bedroom with an astounding design element. Be that as it may, before going to purchase a wardrobe, it is critical to take note of certain measurements. 

    • Take the complete measurement with the goal that later the height of the wardrobe doesn’t cause a problem. 
    • Choose before purchasing what number of racks you are searching for, what number of pull-out drawers, and so on. 
    • Ensure whether you need an open wardrobe or a wardrobe with a door.

      Image source : Pinterest

    There you have it. These are the best modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom and they are extremely spacious which means not only will they make your bedroom look beautiful but will also create ample space for all of your things! Having the right style and type of wardrobe that goes well with your bedroom attire could be a finicky job. We as the most trusted residential interior designer in Mumbai would be happy to help design a perfect wardrobe for your bedroom while designing your complete home interiors.


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