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    Kitchen Colour Combinations, Ideas & Schemes For Your Home

    If you are contemplating upgrading your home in 2020 then, all things considered, start with your kitchen. The kitchen is the core of the house and gets the most traffic consistently. Regardless of whether you are cooking or engaging friends, a cutting edge modular kitchen can lift the general look of your home and blend in functionality with beauty. A modular kitchen permits you to modify the layout, design and equipment just as you would prefer and according to personal style. By picking the correct modular kitchen colour combinations you can change your family’s beloved room in the house. If you are confused about what colours to choose to make your kitchen look attractive then you should either consult professional interior designers in Mumbai. If you want to give it a try by your own and are wondering what is the most popular colour for a kitchen then follow this handy guide. We have curated a list of beautiful Indian kitchen colour ideas and these are some colour combos for modular kitchen in 2020 that you should definitely try out. 

    1. Wooden finish and white: 

    To include a warm and natural touch to the kitchen, a palette of wood and white is a triumphant blend. The blend of wooden tone and whites resembles fire and ice; wood is a warm finish while whites add a touch bright coolness to any space. While the wood loans a natural vibe to the kitchen, white gives a peaceful feeling. The trend for joining white and wood all through the kitchen cabinetry can produce instant interest. You can switch back and forth among white and wood for cupboards. You can likewise pick transparent glass cupboards for a couple of cupboards to produce visual intrigue. Wooden finish for cupboards looks rich with white counterparts and backsplashes. While wood gives texture, whites add style to the kitchen.

    2. Contrasting shades (Blue and Yellow/ Red and Yellow): 

    Ever heard of the age-old adage of opposites are drawn towards each other? We believe that they doubtlessly do. By what other means does a navy blue go with a soft yellow! Contrast is an extraordinary method to make your kitchen look striking, vibrant and bright. These unique modular kitchen colour combinations prove to be useful when you need to delineate regions inside an enormous kitchen. Truth be told, contrasts work very well for island kitchen designs. It also gives the kitchen a very nice, airy and pleasant vibe.

    Blue and yellow kitchen3. Red and White: 

    In the event that you are searching for a colour that can invigorate a good appetite, at that point red is a perfect choice. Red is striking and can assist you in creating a statement kitchen. To adjust the edginess of red, pair it with white. To make your kitchen stick out, go for red cabinetry with a white backsplash and countertop. To bring the best out of the red, pick a material like high-gloss laminate or UV high gloss. This colour plan would look flawless in a kitchen that gets a great deal of natural light.

    Red and White kitchen colour combinations4. Neutral with a pop of colour: 

    Neutrals, all alone, are a good decision for kitchens. Be that as it may, they may seem to be a slight bit dull. Subsequently, adding a pop of colour to neutrals like white, dark, beige or brown infuses the kitchen with life and energy. In such cases, utilizing vibrant hues like orange, yellow, green or greenish-blue can be best. If you want a soft muted yet sophisticated look for your kitchen then opt for this kind of kitchen colour combinations.

    5. Grey and Orange: 

    On the off chance that you need to bring a cheerful vibe into your kitchen, at that point orange is your go-to colour. To make a striking contrast, opt for grey. Orange makes a polished effect with a grey backsplash by including depth and texture. This colour combo is striking and assists with delineating territories, particularly in the event that you have a kitchen island.

    Grey and Orange kitchen colour combinations6. Bold and Bright Colours: 

    Strong hues are striking and help make a beautiful statement kitchen. For instance, you can paint every one of your cupboards in cobalt blue with a white backsplash and countertop to supplement it. In this kitchen colour plan, whites and bunches of natural light work as the ideal foundation for the fresh and thick colour to loom striking and vibrant. Other bold colours that could work are orchid purple, wine red and mango yellow. These modular kitchen colour combinations are perfect for a modern-age classy and functional cooking space.

    Bold and Bright kitchen colour ideas7. Green and Grey: 

    In the event that you wish to give your kitchen a visual punch, green is an amazing, natural and refreshing colour that you should definitely attempt. Green and white cupboards give the kitchen a reviving vibe. In a little kitchen, utilize a greater amount of white to lighten up space and make it look bigger and let green be included as a pop of colour. For a big kitchen, you can utilize the hues similarly to infuse life and energy into your kitchen.This is one of the most sought after Indian kitchen colour ideas.

    Green and Grey kitchen colour ideas for walls8. Peppy colours mixed in with earthy hues: 

    Blending rich, natural hues with a sprinkle of dynamic or citrus shades can result in refreshingly new and vibrant colour schemes that work very well in medium to enormous size Indian kitchens. The backsplash can transform into a work of art for an additional pop of colours. You can match this with grey or beige walls and deck to supplement the splendid kitchen hues. Other colours that would also look amazing are earthy browns & beiges with cobalt blue, royal blue, tiger orange or olive green.If you want a kitchen that is peppy but is afraid that too much of bright colour will look gaudy then go for modular kitchen colour ideas and colour combination like this one.

    Peppy colours mixed in with earthy hues in kitchen 9. Two-toned kitchen colour ideas: 

    Two-toned kitchens have a blend of two distinct shades for the base and wall cupboards. These kitchens are all the rage nowadays, especially in India. Having two colours in a kitchen can fill a few needs. In a little kitchen, adding white to deeper colours like grey or black can light up and open up space. A dash of white consistently makes a kitchen look bigger. Nonetheless, Indian kitchens must be made resistant to oil slicks and curry stains. Therefore, darker shades are frequently utilized for the base cupboards to guarantee easy maintenance and any two colours of your preference can be used for this colour scheme. 

    Two-toned kitchen colour ideas10. All-white kitchens: 

    White kitchens are basically a European idea yet the trend has spread through India like a wildfire in the course of the most recent few years. Stylishly, nothing can beat the perfect excellence of white kitchens. Nonetheless, they are hard to maintain. There are a few varieties of white with a sprinkling of various components that function as kitchen colour schemes. On the off chance that you would prefer not to attempt the naturalistic film finish in white, high-gloss laminate or acrylic can give a sparkling and smooth finish. You can play around with various shades and textures of white to get this look.

    All-white kitchenSo whenever you’re revamping, evaluate these amazing modular kitchen colour ideas in India for your kitchen for a totally different look. Also if you are looking for experienced residential interior designers in Mumbai who can design contemporary style kitchens for your home then do reach out to us. Modular kitchens are practical, sensible, a la mode and specialized. Before becoming overly energetic with astounding plans it is imperative to connect with specialists to give your kitchen a look that suits your requirements, design, and individual tastes and style. Obviously, you must pick a colour scheme that works for your personality and style. Let it set the pace and the ideal background for flawlessly prepared dinners, love, and giggling around them.

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