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    Peach Lacquer


    Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen and colors for interior designing. Hence, you will want to find out the best colours for a small kitchen. 

    Needless to say, the right kitchen cabinets colour combination can play an important role in enhancing the overall impact. Adding the right colours can spice up everything within your kitchen. It’s all about colours, and you wouldn’t have to move with renovation and construction. 

    Whether you are a person who loves everything subtle or loves the extra pop, the kitchen cabinets colour combination can create the right impact. You can go with bright reds, blues and so much more. No matter what your preference is, there are the best colour cabinets for small kitchens. 

    The Best Color Cabinets for small kitchens

    If you spend most of your time in the kitchen and consider it to be a place to improve your mood, then the right colour combination can play an important role. Well, make sure to consider all the blends thoroughly so that you can have a great time. 

    Some of the best kitchen cabinets colour combinations include the following

    Blue and white

    Open shelving and two toned white and blue color scheme in this gorgeous  kitchen | Green kitchen cabinets, Kitchen inspiration design, Kitchen design

    If you have a modular kitchen, you need to keep it subtle with blue and white. The blue and white modular kitchen will help to provide an energetic and upliftment prospect to your kitchen. 

    All you need to do is put on the suit and get along with colouring the cabinets. You can also purchase these as readymade ones. The mixture of blue and white will also play an important role in giving a touch of fresh air while providing simplicity and purity. 

    Eggplant and pale green

    purple-originals-kitchen | Purple kitchen, Purple kitchen walls, Kitchen  paint

    Believe it or not, but eggplant and pale green can be one of the best kitchen cabinets colour combinations. The mauve-colour can eventually help to bring out the best. 

    Well, it is advisable to choose the darker shade of eggplant while contributing to the lighter shade. You can also add a Moroccan backsplash around the dining and kitchen area. A clay tile backsplash with ombre dining tools can help to create maximum impact. You may as well consult an interior designer to find the best design. 

    Pink, grey and green

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    Quite an unusual combination, right? But nothing can beat pink, grey and green. The combination of three colours can add a breath of fresh air. You might as well choose the metallic shared for various objects such as drawer latches and lampshades. Everyone wants to drive away boredom from your kitchen, and these can play a vital role to kickstart the look. 

    Standard white colour

    Nothing can beat the royalty of white colour. When we talk about colour combinations in a modular kitchen, then white is the best choice. 

    If you want a subtle look, you should consider choosing a standard white colour. It helps to build elegance around the kitchen. However, when you’re putting white colour in your kitchen, you should consider choosing materials that do not get dirty easily. This is mostly because white is a tough colour to maintain. 

    Blue and Black 

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    The classic blue and black colour are one of the best choices to make. If you want to build a retro and old-fashioned look around your kitchen, you should consider opting for a combination of blue and black. 

    You can paint the kitchen cabinets blue while keeping a backsplash of black. It helps to bestow a calm and soothing effect in your kitchen, away from all the hustle and bustle. Make sure to walk down memory lane with this combo. 

    Peach Lacquer

    Peach Lacquer

    Peach Lacquer is one of the best colours for a small kitchen. It will add a bright appeal to your kitchen, thereby contributing to the popularity. It is advisable to make a choice considerably. 

    The combination of blush pink and deep aqua can add to the reflective appeal. This further makes the kitchen appear large. However, it would help if you were careful about how you apply colours to your kitchen. 

    Lavender and cream

    Honestly, nothing goes wrong with lavender. It is indeed one of the best colours for your kitchen. Cream and lavender combination can make your kitchen appear extremely beautiful. A buttercream backdrop with lavender swirls adds to the effect. It is advisable to choose classic and neutral cabinets for a better idea. Furthermore, you should also consider the island space and design it accordingly. 

    Blue, copper and gold

    Nothing can go wrong when you have the perfect colour combination. If you are someone who loves the metallic touch and all that bling within your kitchen, then blue, copper and gold is the perfect choice to make. 

    You can paint the kitchen walls blue and then include gold and copper shades. You should include these shades across knobs, shelves, sinks and lampshades. Moreover, several DIY projects on the internet can match up with blue and metallic shades. 

    Dark Navy

    57 Best Navy Cabinets ideas | kitchen inspirations, kitchen design, kitchen  remodel

    Dark Navy Blue is the best colour. You can include dark navy blue and black colours for a masterpiece. It is one of the most emotive shares. You should, however, have the counters and backsplash colours. 

    The wooden counters and backsplash will, however, help to create an impact within your kitchen. Furthermore, it would help if you considered building a cosy and intimate atmosphere. However, it would help if you were considerate about mixing light colours. 

    Pink with red

    Pink and red can build charm and passion. At the same time, you can include a hint of brown, white and grey and help to add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. 

    It is necessary to mix colours accordingly because it will make your kitchen appear cheap. You obviously do not want to ruin the aura of your kitchen. Hence, it is necessary to mix the colours accordingly. 


    33 Best Red Kitchen Cabinets! ideas | red kitchen cabinets, red kitchen,  kitchen cabinets

    Want to add crimson and feel adventurous? It would help if you took some inspiration from Pinterest and other sources on the internet. The expert interior designers should consider building up the texture materials and building up the small space and less stark. The red anchor will help to build the exact impact. 

    Black and orange

    You probably have heard the quote, “orange is the new black.” But, the combination can be deadly, especially for your modular kitchen. Blend black and orange carefully to create a stark impact in your kitchen. 

    It would help if you built a black cabinet with tints of orange. It is necessary to paint the kitchen ceiling accordingly. Orange’s combination will help to add a modish character to your kitchen. 

    Natural wood with green

    All of us want to be a little close to nature, don’t we? If you are a nature lover, you should consider building a combination of natural wood and green within your kitchen. It is necessary to craft the colours and paint them accordingly. 

    The natural green shade will eventually help to build the impact, thereby providing a natural and fresh appearance within your kitchen. 


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    Coral Blue and pink colour can be a deadly combination for your kitchen. It would help if you considered including the other elements in your kitchen properly. Furthermore, being a little upbeat and unique can add charm. You don’t have to go over-the-top, but being a little considerate will be helpful. 

    Shades of purple

    The shades of purple can, however, be great for your kitchen cabinets. You can either DIY those or buy from the market. Furthermore, you can create the tones accordingly too for the walls. 


    Always be careful with the choice of colours. It is the best to reach out to an expert interior designer to find the best colours.

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