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    getaway space for kids


    If you are a parent, you want everything for your kid that your kid demands and needs. Having kids in a home means that your home is full of happiness. Kids are full of energy and fun. They also need a space that can help them enjoy the company with their friends and games. 

    If you are thinking about renovating a room for children, we have the best tips and tricks. Kids room decor is not an easy task as you have to take care of the comfort and the look of your kid’s room decor. In this article, we will provide you with the best children’s room decor ideas.

    Simplicity is the key.

    When it comes to kids bedroom design, it is advisable not to include too many elements. Try to use simplicity as the best tool for kids room decor. When it comes to design for a kids room, less is always more. Try to keep the design simple and finish being minimal. Using lots of furniture and furnishing may hurt the kid as they keep playing and running in the room. You can’t stop your kid from playing, but you can keep the design minimal to prevent unnecessary incidents and accidents. 

    Try to put up plenty of floor spaces and have a play space where your kid can have fun.

    Kid-friendly space

    Kid-friendly space

    Most people use kid bedroom designs that are similar to the adult’s bedrooms. But this is the worst mistake you can make. Design for a kids room should be different as compared to an adult’s bedroom. Try to get inspiration from bright and boho themes from Instagram. Try to create a friendly space for your kid with a simple playhouse, lots of open spaces, and comfortable flooring. A cosy floor bed and a dollhouse is a must. If your kid is mature enough, you can have a regular bed. But, for toddlers, a floor bed is the best option to choose. In addition to this, try to include traditional furnishings, open bookshelves, and hooks that are easy to access for your kid.

    Focus on playfulness

    You can’t ask your kids not to play. Kids need to have fun in their space. Thus, when choosing kids room decor ideas, make sure to keep your focus on playfulness! Try to include an indoor swing, a house frame bed, a chalkboard wall, and lots of toys in your kid’s room. Make sure that there are no sharp edges in any of the elements. If you don’t have budget constraints, you can also include a rock-climbing wall, ceiling-suspended cargo net, and bunk bed slide that will focus on the playfulness of your kid. 

    Make room for magic

    The world for kids is different as compared to the world we adults live in. Design for a kids room should be such that your kid can believe in magic. You can’t get sun and moon for your little munchkin, but you can undoubtedly include magical elements in kids bedroom design. Try to infuse magic and creativity in the room decor ideas. You can include beautiful fairy lights, glow-in stars on the roof, and a galaxy of adventure so that your kid can sleep in their magical land. You can also include these supernatural elements as per the interest and tastes of your kid. Make sure not to go overboard when choosing lighting and other aspects as kids get bored too often. 

    Make the most of the space.

    You don’t need to have ample space to design rooms for children. Even a small space can work correctly if you use the right tools and imagination skills. All you need is a space with a simple loft bed, lots of floor space, usable furnishing, and an additional play zone. Thus, instead of worrying about the space constraint for your kid’s room, make sure to use space in a creative way that can include all elements appropriately.

    Double up the storage

    under the bed storage crates

    Storage matters a lot when it comes to design for a kids room. Kids have lots of things, and thus, they need lots of storage space. Some of the best storage ideas that you can include in your kid’s room design include the wall-hugging book rail, under the bed storage crates, as well as furniture that has a built-in storage facility. You can also look for a princess style wardrobe for your baby girl to add beauty to your kid’s room.

    Color-color which color

    Colour matters a lot when it comes to children’s room decor ideas. Kids like vibrant and bright colour. Thus, try to use colours as per the taste and preference of your kid. Try not to include dull colours as kids will ruin the walls. You can also use stick-on stickers to make sure that the kid’s room walls won’t get too dirty. Kids are too excited about the rainbow colour in everything they choose. Thus, you can also use a rainbow-themed wall sticker or wall colour to add beauty to the room. Therefore, make sure to use vibrant colours for your kid if you need them.

    Pattern and textures

    Patterns and textures are useful for adult room decor, but it is also essential for a kid’s room. You can use good patterns and textures as per the taste of the kid. Try not to include too imaginative patterns and textures. Use playful patterns like that of cartoon characters and Disney princesses to have a big smile on your kid’s face. 

    Keep the mind and hand busy.

    Kids get bored quickly. Thus, it is essential to include a workspace in your kid’s room. This workspace is unlike the workspace for adults. The workspace can consist of things that your kid uses for playing. It can also include elements that can teach different hobbies and habits in your kid. The workstation can also have a few storybooks that your kid can read before going to bed. Adding a design element like a workstation will not only give freedom to your kid to do whatever they want, it will also make them responsible. It will also help them in making the transition when they grow a bit older. 

    Space to getaway

    getaway space for kids

    Even kids need a space where they can be whatever they want to be. Thus, try to add a little corner in your kid’s room where they can cry, laugh, and think. This space should include too many elements. Just a few favourite toys will suffice. You can also have a reading space for your kid in the corner. The reading space needs to be comfortable and beautiful. The area will enable your kid to read beautiful stories, and they will be able to improve the level of creativity.


    Looking for children’s room decor ideas can give birth to an inner child within us. No matter what age you are, each of us has a child inside. Thus, when you are looking for ideas to decorate your kid, try to think like a kid. You can check platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to get the best design and decor inspiration. But, make sure to keep all these points and ideas in mind to get the perfect decor for your kid’s room. Let us know if you want more tips for your kid’s room decor.

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