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    The departure of 2020 was indeed one of the happiest moments of our lives. Well, with lockdown ending and everyday life coming back to its pace, the world is moving beyond the conspiracy theories. Also, it’s time to change and hence, interior design trends 2021 are surely one of the best ones to look forward to. 

    A good homes design is the result of the effort of interior designers. Your home has indeed become your tranquillity amid all the hustle and bustle. The previous year had several trends, but it’s necessary to focus on change and embrace the new that comes our way. 2021 has changed a lot of things. 

    As we step into the post-pandemic world, we all need to discard whatever was there. The Indian interior design is indeed inspired a lot by the changing trends. As a homeowner, you will want to see everything is implemented. But, as an interior designer, you will focus on deciding how to implement these things. 

    Best Interior Design trends 2021

    Interior designers always want to implement designs that will help them achieve the best. They focus on every aspect of interior decor. The minimalist trends are now making their comeback, and that’s a change we should be looking forward to. 

    Here are the best interior design trends

    Pantone Colours

    Pantone Colours

    Every year, Pantone releases two different colours responsible for dominating the fashion and home interior design trends. The previous year, Pantone’s classic blue had dominated the interior designing sector. Nonetheless, for this year, Ultimate grey is going to be the colour. 

    The Ultimate Grey from Pantone is a combination of deep grey that can easily withstand damages. Furthermore, it is aimed at bringing a combination of yellow hue that is supposed to symbolise hope. The combination of Pantone colours will compliment each other. 

    It is advisable to gradient the colours. It is better to use Pantone colours across beds. Furthermore, you can also consider using it across furniture. 

    The Wellness Kitchen

    The Modern Wellness Kitchen - Pursuitist | Kitchen interior, Kitchen, Open  shelving

    The Wellness Kitchen is indeed one of the best interior design trends in 2021. The good homes designs are now focusing on creating a healthy lifestyle to boost the human inner world’s boundaries. 

    If you want to be beautiful, you need to ensure to create environment-friendly homes. Your kitchen is the space where most of your family members spend their time. Hence, it would help if you organised the spaces for the wellness kitchen accordingly. It is advisable to implement open shelves along with modern technology. The kitchen utensils are all made of natural materials, which will indeed bring change. 

    Rounded Furniture

    20 Modern Living Room Designs with Stylish Curved Sofas | Contemporary  living room sofa, Contemporary living room furniture, Trendy living rooms

    Rounded furniture is going to make its comeback in 2021. The previous decade was all about straight furniture, but this decade will be about curvy furniture. There will be a rise in demand for round silhouettes and round legs. 

    It would help if you considered choosing rounded backs that have curved legs. The couches will have rounded arms, and coffee tables will belong to the same shape. 

    Transparent Home decoration

    Although transparent Home decoration wasn’t popular till this year, it has become popular in recent times. The transparent home decoration will help to build lightness across the room. 

    The transparent home decoration is usually made of steel fittings, translucent textile and plexiglass furniture. Organic glass furniture has been in the market for a long time. These can, however, play an important role in enhancing the visual elements. It would help if you considered choosing the pastel colours for a better visual impact. 

    Light Coloured Wood

    60 Wood + White ideas | house interior, interior, interior design

    Every wood has a different shade. The light coloured woods are making a comeback, and you might as well prefer choosing the laminates and finishes accordingly. The wooden tones will add warmth along with the texture. 

    Further, the light coloured woods will make your space appear brighter and large. Furthermore, it is advisable to choose the wooden finishes that will have a huge impact. The light-coloured wooden flooring is going to last the entire year. Some of the popular light-coloured wood that you may choose for flooring options include maple and rubberwood. 

    The Grand Millennial style

    Trending: Grandmillennial style | Interior trend, Dining room inspiration,  Dining room decor

    Honestly, the grand millennial style will make its comeback in Indian interior design. These are an important part of interior design and can be found in home and fashion. You must have come across the Grand Millennial Style through your Instagram reels. 

    The Grand Millennials are just the ones who have got bored with the traditional style. They are the ones who mix the elements of the past and modern era, thereby contributing to layering the design. These can, however, be an essential part of the personal collection. The vintage pieces are an essential part of the Grand Millennial style, like a skirted dressing table and an old armchair. The influence of personal touch will eventually contribute towards the development. 

    Sustainable and eco-friendly rooms

    Sustainable and eco-friendly rooms are an important part of the design of a good home. Gone are the days when you need to be stuck in your house. With everyone staying inside the house the entire year, we have all understood the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly decor. Hence, interior designers are now focusing on a similar design. 

    It would help if you considered using as little plastic as possible as they help to reduce carbon footprints. To make your homes eco-friendly, you should consider bringing in house plants. You might as well opt for other eco-friendly materials made of cane, hemp, wood. You may get in touch with tribal and local artists for better alternatives. House plants are the new normal, and you need to use them accurately for decorating your house. 

    Retro Vibes

    Cozy home | Pinterest: Natalia Escaño | Living room decor apartment, Small  living room decor, Living room inspo

    There’s nothing better than the 80s. How do you bring about the difference with retro vibes? You can implement different aspects like disco lights and architectural breaks. It would help if you considered adding arches that are no less than one of the best decor elements. 

    It is advisable to choose items that will spice up the entire space. You might as well prefer choosing metallic lights for extensive colouring. Make sure to place these across your windows to create the faux effects. Revamping your windows will eventually help to create an impact. 

    Slipcover Sofas

    The slipcover sofas are all set to make a comeback. Over the past few years, slipcover sofas have become extremely popular. It would help if you considered choosing these sofas accordingly for maximum advantages. It is advisable to choose sustainable slipcover sofas for better impact. 

    Focus on ceiling design

    Statement Ceilings | Ceiling design modern, False ceiling design, Wooden ceiling  design

    This is the year when you should be focusing on ceiling designs. Gone are the days of the plain ceiling. Hence, it would help if you focused on extensive ceiling designs. The changing designs are surely one of the best interior design trends in 2021. 

    It would help if you chose ceiling designs with geometric patterns. There are several ornamental motifs as well for you to choose from. These can, however, be the primary set of attractions in the living room. The accurate representation of geometric lines will play an important role in bringing a sense of peace. 


    As interior designers, you should focus on the changing interior design trends of 2021. The right design will eventually make heads turn with the aesthetics of your house. Always make sure to be picky about how you design your house. It is advisable to be careful with the designs and their implementation to get maximum impact. If You Want To Design The Best Residential Interior Then Get It Designed From The Expert Interior Designers In Mumbai As Hiring Professionals For Interior Designing Services Is Then The Best Option.

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