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    Eating is one of the most enjoyable activities that everyone loves to do. Every part of the digestive system jumps in happiness when something delectable is eaten. There are millions of herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, and other things from which we prepare food. Every cuisine has a history, and every dish is authentic. At the same time, we find a greater number of food fanatics, a percent more than the great fancy eating at places that have excellent ambiance. Food cooked well tastes exotic when eaten at a place that looks elegant. No one would ever prefer eating at a place that is shabby. Neither does one enjoy taking their food from a dish that has stains on it. 

    The place where one eats their food has a direct impact on health. Hence, eating from restaurants, hotels, or food courts that are well-maintained matter the most. The food and beverage sector is one of the most happening industries of all time.  The love for food has made people travel miles together; that is the power of a tasty meal.  The constant thriving of hoteliers to improve ambiance, food quality, and customer experience is a never-ending process. 

    With this ambition in mind, businessmen that are part of the restaurant industry always collaborate with well-known interior designers. The role of making a food court or a restaurant look like a paradise can only happen when the assignment is handed over to an efficient designer. There has been a lot of revolution that has taken place in the areas of construction and interior design. In this article, we have tried collating the top 10 Food Court interior design ideas to enhance the aesthetic appearance. 

    Choose the perfect theme

    People do not appreciate visiting a food court that is plain and simple. A visual appeal to any place attracts many people, and that is largely dependent on the food court design plan. Themed restaurants are in vogue, they are unique, and it gives an ample opportunity to design the food court creatively. Right from the sign-board until the cutleries, everything used at the cafeteria can be made to look classy and sassy with this idea.

    Wall Art

    Nothing can beat a food court that has some excellent paintings on the walls. One can hire services from specialists to give their hotels a new look altogether. Contemporary wall-art can be one of the perfect ones to try in a food court. A selfie-stand in a corner with these lovely paintings is certainly going to make each one of your customers drool over.  

    Gorgeous lightings 

    Food Court Lighting

    Image Source: Pinterest

    Lightings at the dining table are one of the best and must-have interior décor at every place that serves food. The overall appearance of the place and the food goes to another level when there is proper lighting. Making use of exotic chandeliers can be one of the major add-ons to make your food court look like a paradise. Chandeliers carry the charm to make any place look classy; used at the dining tables, they can light up the mood of people instantly. Many people love the color of the food; one can easily satisfy the craving of such customers by using the right lighting.

    Cutleries and serveware

    A food court is incomplete without the appropriate serveware and cutleries. Designer cutleries at the tables can leave people in a state of excitement. People drool over royal-looking cutleries, and having them on each and every table can enhance the overall charm of the place. There are a wide variety of dishes, vessels, serveware, and cutleries that one can choose from. Ceramic and silverware can instantly make the place look magnificent with their classiness. 

    Classics and Antique

    You can always choose to embrace the rustic looks of an antique furniture set or a dining set. People would really fall for the lovely looks of these things and walk into your restaurant quite often. Making use of wooden furniture can instantly uplift the charm of the entire place. They aren’t just a visual treat but extremely comfortable too. Like a food court, it is not just about the looks. It is also about the comfort that one must focus upon. Customers would always appreciate a place that meets both these requirements without any hassles.

    An Open Kitchen

    Well, a lot of homes these days come with an open kitchen, and the same idea implemented at food courts can make the place look extremely striking. People would always love to visit your restaurant as they get to experience the best food from a kitchen that is open. Watching a chef making food can be one of the most exciting things that many people fancy. Also, having this set-up can help you attract many customers as one can easily get to know the hygiene of the place where the food is getting cooked.

    Set-up and functionality 

    Some food courts are crowded because of the layout. The usage of furniture, dining sets, and other accessories would be just too perfect for people to ignore. Spending time on planning the food court design layout and the functionality can be quite rewarding. The concept of utilizing the space phenomenally well is also one of the key areas that every hotelier must look into. Neither cramping nor using the food court design concept of minimalism works right. 

    Inclusion of plants 

    A place without greenery is going to be quite mundane and dull. Including a sundry of plants in the pavements or in the corners of the food court can be quite soothing. A wide variety of indoor plants are available; making use of them efficiently can be one of the best ways to enhance the overall look and appearance of the food court. You can choose to place a small flower pot on every table and include croutons or other show plants like palms at the entrance of the restaurant. Having bonsai plants at the center of the food court can be a highlight too.

    Hues and shades

    The color of the paints used to make a huge difference to the place. Using the right shades and hues according to the theme, and the menu can make the food court look gorgeous. Colors dominate the major part of interior design; hence, one has to focus largely on picking the right color shades for each and every part of the restaurant. A brighter wall with dim light can be one of the ideal choices for a romance themed restaurant, whereas a pastel-colored wall with bright lights looks perfect when you are beach side. Colors depict the mood of a person; hence, choosing it wisely can add a visual appeal to the overall place.

    Faucets and accessories

    The design of the restrooms in a food court must be thought through well. Ignoring this place is definitely not recommended. Many times, the value of a restaurant or any food-joint is based on the maintenance of the washrooms as customers are quite particular about cleanliness and hygiene factors. One can easily make the washrooms go a level higher by using the best faucets and bathroom accessories.


    Well, these are the top 10 Food Court Interior Design Ideas that every aspiring hotelier can take into consideration. Having all these things in place will not just beautify the place but helps in making quite a remarkable name in the food industry too. Also If You Are Looking For Experienced Commercial Interior Designers In Mumbai Who Can Design Contemporary Style Kitchens For Your Home Then Do Reach Out To Us.

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