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    Eclectic space


    If you want to know about someone’s aesthetic design preferences, you should pay attention to their living room. With moving time, many people are choosing classy living room designs over others. To be honest, there are various living room colour ideas that you may want to follow. 

    When it is all about the living room, you need to consider the fine line. You should understand the fine line between cosy and clutter. The living room wall decor ideas can however be extremely beneficial in the long run. The key to understanding the aesthetics of the living room is to understand what elements can uplift your room’s loon. 

    Whether you want a classy uplift or contemporary uplift, you need to consider every aspect. There are various classy living room designs that you will want to consider in the long run. You shouldn’t be worried about the size of your room. If you implement these hall designs for medium family, you should understand how to style them. The basic design ideas can contribute a lot to understanding business requirements. 

    What are the classy living room designs? 

    The living room is one of the most important parts of your house. This is a communal space, and hence, you must consider every small detail. The patterned application and can eventually suit your needs. The classy living room designs can help to uplift the aesthetics of your house. 

    Moreover, when you check out the living room designs Indian style, you will need to consider every small aspect thoroughly. There are many living room colour ideas that you will have to choose from. These include the following.

    Blue Living Room

    20 Blue living room design ideas | Blue furniture living room, Blue living room decor, Blue living room color

    Want a perfect classic touch for your living room? Nothing can be a more classy colour than Blue. A navy or royal blue can add real charm to your house. 

    If you want your guests to turn their heads and go all “wow” by taking one look at your living room, blue is the best choice to make. It would be best to choose the marble mantle and pair it with a French chair and furniture. Make sure to implement the draping of the curtains as well. If you coordinate the colours across your living room, you will create the best impact. 

    Go neutral

    Neural is classic and has existed for a long time. Over the years, several interior designers have partnered to create a neutral impact. 

    Make sure to implement the furniture accordingly and proceed with a cosy seating atmosphere. At the same time, you can implement the colours of your seats. It would help if you focused on taking inspiration from the internet. Furthermore, when you go neutral, you should consider adding an artwork mantle as well for better impact. 

    Eclectic space

    Eclectic space

    If you have a small living room, you need to be extremely careful with designing it. It is necessary to understand that your living room is more than just a mere space of entertainment. You should give up on dull furniture and invest in something high-quality. 

    One of the best ways to implement classy living room ideas is to get classic furniture. It would help if you considered laying out cohesive seating along with a patchwork chair and so much more. Make sure to design the space in such a way that every bench comes out accordingly. Make sure that you create a reading corner in your living room too. 

    Star-studded living room

    The expert interior designers suggest focusing on star-studded living rooms. It would help if you considered designing the living room in a proper way for this purpose. 

    It is better to highlight some soft and romantic detailings for your living room. If you want living room designs Indian style, you should opt for small furniture. Mushroom chairs and velvety sofas can add the traditional touch. Moreover, an ottoman with a classic design can speak volumes as well. 

    Neon Pops

    The Design Chaser: Pinterest | Picks & Peeks | Neon home decor, Design, House interior

    Although they won’t make your living room appear completely pop, they will be extremely effective. Well, one of the most important things to note about living room decor is that it doesn’t necessarily need to have one colour to appear big. 

    You can choose to darken the shadow lines and darken the corner colours to create the impact. Well, expert interior designers suggest that these neon colours are making a comeback. Hence, you can choose colours such as neon yellow or jewel green. Well, if your colour palette matches that of the space, you should consider adding the colours accordingly. Moreover, when you create the right combination, you will be able to boost a moody space as well. 


    Nice 43 Elegant Bohemian Style Living Room Decoration Ideas. More at https://homystyle.c… | Bohemian style living room, Bohemian living room decor, Boho living room

    One of the best classy living room decor ideas is going Bohemian. You don’t necessarily need to stick to boring and dull colours for Bohemian appeal. You can also opt for colour-blocked spaces along with patterned accents so that it appeals to your eyes. 

    The eye-popping artwork, along with statement colours, will create a huge impact. You should, however, make proper use of the colour-blocking technique. The right pair of colours need to be out against each other to channelize the attention. Furthermore, it will also play an essential role in creating firm corners. It is advisable to allow the colour block trend to fall into pieces properly. 

    Gusty and vibrant

    You can never go wrong with gusty and vibrant colours. It would help if you considered taking inspiration for the 20th-century designs. The yellow living rooms, along with golden walls, will help to create a major impact. Furthermore, you must include a sofa too. Moreover, whenever you choose furniture colours, you need to include the colours to boost youthfulness and vibrancy. 

    Bring back the 80s glamour

    You should bring back the 80s glamour. The designs should consider bold patterns and jewellery members that can play an essential role in enhancing the overall impact. Furthermore, it is necessary to focus on the tones of the wall and furniture as well. 

    Island vibes

    Lush Living with Tropical Living Room Decor | Tropical living room, Coastal decorating living room, Tropical decor living room

    Bring back the classic Island vibes to your living room with this design. Well, the internet is full of resources that can serve as effective inspiration for these island vibes. These can play an essential role in making your room appear organic. 

    Patterned connection

    Another great classic design idea for the living room is to create patterned connections. It would help if you unified the sections of the drawing-room along with your furniture. It is advisable to opt for light colour covers to attain maximum impact. The stitch of the fabric will have an essential impact. Hence, it would be best if you focused on the room’s colour coordination with wall decor. 

    Go creative

    Thinking out of the box will always be of great help. Expert interior designers recommend choosing wooden and neutral accents. It is advisable to represent the barn doors accordingly. It is better to choose a wall decor that will create the perfect accent for every piece of your house. 

    Garden views

    11 Garden-Inspired Living Room Ideas | Blue and green living room, Blue living room, Living room green

    A touch of nature in the living has harmed nobody. Well, you can be one of those too to include nature in your living room. The combination of floral motifs and small living room plants will help to strike-off balance. You can find a floral fabric that you can include in your room. It is advisable to take inspiration from the internet before making a choice. 

    What is it that’s stopping you? Head out to find the perfect classy idea for your living room. In case you want professional help you can contact The 360 Design Studio as we are among the most renowned Interior Designers in Mumbai.

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